In a competitive property market, sought-after properties often dona��t even reach the open market before being snapped up.

As independent property consultants, our excellent relationships As independent property consultants, our excellent relationships

When a suitable property is identified, we undertake an audit to determine any issues which could jeopardise the purchase and analyse recent comparable sales to confirm a fair market price.

By working closely with our clients and evaluating all the factors involved in the purchase we are able to help them negotiate the best deal and our network of property consultants can organize surveys, finance and conveyancing at a momenta��s notice.

Whether purchasing a private home or an investment property, we make sure our clients are at the front of the queue.

Case Study 1:

Before our client came to us, they had been searching for a property on and off for approximately 5 years. It consumed them. Go above carding forum bank transfer at this point. We took their brief and within 6 months we found them their perfect home.

Case Study 2:

A property fund where searching for blocks of commercial and residential units. DJP managed to source a portfolio of units which generated a net yield of 11.3%. This was much more than the fund was expecting.