DJohnson Property and Associatesa�� vast experience in the property market makes us the ideal partner when considering putting property on the rental market.

Whether renting an individual property or a portfolio of investment properties, we are able to guide our clients through the process. We understand that ita��s not a a�?one size fits alla�� service, so we connect clients with the most suitable agency for their needs.

We also help clients understand how they can achieve maximum rental income, how best to prepare the property for rental and even help organise the practical elements such as cleaning, painting and furniture removal.

We can arrange everything that needs to be done in order to get your property rented in a prompt efficient manner to trustworthy and reliable tenants.
Renting a property can be time consuming and complicated. Leaving the process in our hands ensures our clients have complete peace of mind.

Case Study:

Often landlords are too busy to deal with such a time consuming process of getting their property rented. Yet they want to make sure they get the most rent for their property while keeping the costs down.

DJP had a landlord who was new to the letting scene, and didna��t realize how much went into getting their property let.

Our consultant stepped in and took care of the whole process for him.
  • The client needed to get an EPC on the property, our consultant arranged this, and met the surveyor at the property for access.
  • The client needed furniture removed, our consultant shopped around for the best rates and booked it for the required day.
  • The client needed the apartment painted and professionally cleaned, our consultant organized this again getting the client the best rates.
  • The client needed all post to be redirected, our consultant took care of this.

Once the apartment was ready our consultant met with 5 agents and negotiated the best rate for the client. After our consultant vetted the interested tenant the apartment was rented within 3 weeks.

These services could have been so costly and time consuming for our client, but because we deal with these issues on an everyday basis we know how to get the best rates and negotiate the best deals for our client. Instead of our client spending hours searching online and hours off work meeting tradesmen and agents, it only took our client 30 minutes with our consultant at their property.