DJohnson Property and Associates know that selling a property can be a time consuming and stressful process and with so many estate agents to choose from, how can you make sure that youa��re with the one thata��s right for you?

As independent property consultants we will guide you through the process of selling your property to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

We provide unbiased, independent advice and connect you with the estate agency which is most appropriate for you and your property.

Managing the process from start to finish, we ensure that you receive weekly reports and feedback from your agent. Once your property is under offer, we liaise with both you and your buyera��s solicitors to ensure that the transaction is carried out within your time frame. Whether youa��re an experienced seller, selling in London from overseas or are too busy to deal with the minutiae of selling a property, we will ensure that the process is seamless.

Case study:

Often, sellers feel pressured by their estate agent to make price reductions or accept an offer that’s less than what they’d hoped to receive for their home.

This is where DJohnson Property & Associates services become extremely valuable to the seller. By acting as a liaison between vendor and estate agent, DJP can absorb such pressure from the estate agent.

During a recent sale, an estate agent encouraged DJohnson Property & Associates to advise their client to accept a significantly lower offer than the asking price – 8% lower.

After much pressure, our consultant rejected this offer and advised their client to lower the asking price by just 4%. More pressure came from the estate agent to claim this reduction was not enough and needed to be reduced by at least 6% in order to see any benefit.

DJohnson Property & Associates stuck with the 4% price reduction and a week later the full asking price was achieved, much to the vendora��s delight.

Once the transaction was complete, the vendor indicated that if they had been dealing directly with the estate agent they would most likely have accepted the lower offer or reduced the asking price by at least 6%.